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Would you like to:

Walk in your front door or office to a peaceful and organized space?


Have more time to enjoy your family and friends, doing the things you cherish?

Find anything you own in less than one  minute and locate important documents quickly?

Uncover your buried treasures and find the perfect way to display them?

NAPO-member-white stacked.png

This is where Annie comes in:

“I have been organizing and

creating beauty in homes

and businesses for over

25 years, and I am ready

to help you tackle your

project. I specialize in

creating a tailored

approach specifically

designed to meet your

needs and unique

situation, to eliminate clutter,

organize your space and most

importantly, take back control of your life.

I use my background in design, organizing expertise and calm approach to help you create order and beauty in your home and/or office, as well as in your life. Many have said that my unique process is surprisingly enjoyable; it really is possible! My goal is to establish a pace and a budget that works for you, and then implement a system that you will be able to sustain on your own over the long-term.”

Annie Carouba, Carouba Solutions

Annie is a member of NAPO: The National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals.

Carouba Solutions is a full-service professional organizing company located in Sonoma County, California. We provide organizing and decor solutions and strategies for your home, office or business using a calm, holistic approach. From a single closet to an entire business reorganization, Carouba Solutions is here to help get you organized!


"Annie seemed to know exactly how far she could push me and when to take a step back,

a skill in itself."

-Mary C., Santa Rosa

"Annie made everything easier than it would have been otherwise. She is a remarkable organizer."

-Mary C., Santa Rosa

"My closet looks amazing and my life feels lighter all because of Annie’s
unique organizational support.”

-Molly L., Bodega Bay

Carouba Solutions is proud to volunteer with the following

non-profits. Please get in touch to learn more about how we support them, and how you can get involved, too!

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