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What to expect when you hire Carouba Solutions

We begin with a free 30-minute phone consultation

to discuss your needs. If you decide to move forward, we will schedule a one-hour appointment at your home or office. Your first organizing session begins with a tour of your space and a discussion of your goals, aesthetic style, and what has and hasn’t worked for you in the past.

Once we begin your project, we will identify your belongings by category: Keep, Toss, and Donate. Once we dispense with the Toss and Donate items, we will work together on organizing your kept items in a creative and visually pleasing way. I also provide space planning and design solutions. We can work side-by- side or I can work on my own while remaining in communication with you. I will keep the process on track, while your involvement ensures that the solutions we implement are best suited to your specific needs and goals.


How long does the session take?

Once we begin your project sessions in your home or office are a minimum of four hours.

Four hours can be enough to complete a small project, such as a closet.

• Larger projects, such as a kitchen or multiple rooms in a house are often better suited to several sessions of four to six hours each.

• Sessions of up to eight hours are recommended in time-sensitive situations such as a move or preparation for an event. The final ten minutes of each session is dedicated to reviewing our progress and setting a follow-up appointment if needed.

What to expect in an organizing session
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